Dr. Jeffrey Zohner

img2Zohner Medical is a private internal medicine practice which is traditional in using evidence based diagnosis and treatment in both the office as well as the hospital. It is progressive in comparison to recent US medical care in that it limits the maximum number of patients in the practice; patients are scheduled for the same or next office day appointments; more time is allowed per visit (30 + minutes); patients have 24 hour access to the doctor by personal cell, text, emails and office phone; the practice is preventive in nature, and encourages habitual healthy living.


Smaller number of patients and more personalized care is possible through a concierge or boutique style care. Patients pay an annual fee. This fee includes an extensive yearly examination which is similar to an executive style physical. The fee based system is important because it allows the doctor to be accountable primarily to the patient. There is less possibility for conflict of interest while trying to please insurance companies, hospital based health systems and the government. All of those agencies are important-we still depend on insurance, hospitals and the government. But my 1st allegiance is to the patient and his family.

Dr. Zohner has gone far beyond what I expected. He is a very good doctor, careful, considerate, highly professional and compassionate. It is a pleasure to visit his office. His staff represents him very well, with high standards and considerate professional handling of questions and appointments.

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My goal as a physician is to help my patients, both young and old, live longer, healthier and more productive lives.


When I started practicing medicine over 20 years ago I did what came naturally; I spent time getting to know the patient and his problems. Through the exam, screenings, labs and radiology we worked with the patient to determine a diagnosis and treatment. We would follow up within days, weeks or a few months to evaluate the treatment and side effects.

This is a great model but after a few years my former partners and myself found that the healthcare landscape was changing. Less time was available per patient. Focus on disease prevention and healthy living became more important but less achievable. The chance to know the patient more personally and not just as a “medical problem” became virtually impossible. We have gone our separate ways but I have focused again on the patient as a person who deserves my full attention and my time. As with some others who have begun concierge or boutique practices I initially affiliated with MDVIP, Inc. and started a fee based practice in 2007. As of November 2012 I am no longer part of MDVIP. I have a private practice which is concierge style and based in St. Louis, MO.

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