Dr. Zohner and his staff are wonderful!!! Dr. Zohner is always ready to help and makes you feel you are important to him. His staff has the same welcoming way about them. I appreciate everything they do for me. I feel very blessed to have Dr. Zohner as my internist.

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  • 24 hour/day. 7 day/week access to your personal physician.
  • Coverage by another personal, concierge doctor when Dr. Zohner is out of town or ill or otherwise unavailable.
  • A nurse and medical assistant also provide care in the office including procedures and coordination of care with sub-specialists, surgeons, and scheduling of tests.
  • Comprehensive yearly physical examination including review of physical activity, sleep evaluation, mental health evaluation/screening and nutrition evaluation. EKG, spirometry, ankle-brachial index. Extensive review of systems/symptoms yearly and abbreviated ROS at other office visits. Regular review of family and social history.
  • Health planning and review of physical results with the doctor by phone or at separate office visit. Letter, texting, and email may also be used.
  • Treatment of recurrent problems via phone, texting and email when appropriate.
  • Care for patients’ children ages 17-26 yo using regular insurance.
  • Regular office visits are billed to insurance.
  • Dr. Zohner sees patients in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities as required.
  • Dr. Zohner personally admits patients to St. Lukes Hospital in St. Louis. He uses hospitalists only when he is unavailable. Dr. Zohner feels personal care of the patient both in and out of the hospital provides better understanding of the patients illness as well as continuity of care.
  • Easy access to St. Lukes surgeons and sub-specialists who are routinely rated best in St. Louis. St. Lukes is currently rated one of the 50 best hospitals in the country by Healthgrades (
  • Coordination of care with physicians not on St. Lukes staff.
  • Dr. Zohner has fully converted to electronic medical records via eMDs and Tangible Solutions, Inc. He is able then to access patient medical records wherever and whenever he has access to a computer.
  • An up to date abbreviated paper medical record is kept in the office.
  • Patient access to his or her medical record is planned for later in 2013 via patient portal on this website using your personal computer. 

If you are interested in learning more about Zohner Medical’s services, please call (314) 576-5550, email us at, or submit a Contact Request Form.