Dr. Jeffrey Zohner


My name is Jeff Zohner and I am an internal medicine doctor in St. Louis County on staff at St. Luke’s hospital. I use a concierge style of private practice. This means the patient pays a yearly fee and I keep my patient count around 300. This does not eliminate the need for regular medical insurance. Office visits are scheduled for more time and yearly physicals are significantly more in depth than in a regular internal medicine practice. This along with seven day a week availability by office phone, exchange, or my cell phone allows for personalized timely medicine. The medical care is more effective, it saves the patient time, and decreases frustrations with the administrative burdens of the health care system and insurance.


I started practicing medicine in Baton Rouge, LA in 1991. Since that time to the present I have been Board eligible or Board certified in internal medicine. In 1993, after the birth of our first child, my wife and I moved back to St. Louis. There, I was a partner with Drs. Reynolds and Novack until 2010. I actually switched to the concierge model in 2007, but did not open my own office until 2010. I began using electronic medical records about that time. And in 2012 I was happy to find Special Docs of Chicago which helps with management and billing services tailored to concierge medical practices.


Dr. Zohner has gone far beyond what I expected. He is a very good doctor, careful, considerate, highly professional and compassionate. It is a pleasure to visit his office. His staff represents him very well, with high standards and considerate professional handling of questions and appointments.

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One goal of my personalized medical practice is to keep continuity of care for many years for young adults through to the very elderly. I have kids in junior high school and expect to practice at least through their college years. But with the help of Special Docs and my own contacts we plan at some point to bring in a partner who we feel will be a good fit for my patients and who would carry on the same caring concern my staff and I have sought to provide.


If you are interested in our practice please call Cyndi, my office manager, with questions or to set up a meet and greet. The office number is 314-576-5550.

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